Friday, August 15, 2008

Smokin' Hot

Mike and I live in a community where the houses are pretty close to one another. When you are that close, you tend to know more than you want to know about the neighbors. You know who's fighting (probably us), who's doin' it (probably us), and you always know who's smoking. To our left, we have the couple who sits out on their deck early in the morning smoking, and at times, inside their garage. This is their way to make sure they aren't actually smoking in their house. Unfortunately, they don't realize that the smoke always finds its way into their home. The garage is so bad, when they open it in the morning to let their Cocker out to do her business, the stench is sooooo strong, you think YOU just had a cigarette. To our right, we have the neighbor's daughter who likes to sit out on their patio to have a couple smokes while on the phone or just while in deep thought. The problem that Mike and I have run into lately with both of our neighbors is the fact that it is over 90 degrees. We do not have air conditioning, so we, like so many others, leave our windows open to allow some "fresh" air in.

This is what happens...

"Ugh, it's soooo hot."

"God, I know. It's pretty miserable" --Picture us sprawled out on the couch.

"What the eff?!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!"

We are now running to the windows and slamming them shut. By the time we have reached all our windows that might be in the direction of the stink, it's too late. Our whole main floor is completely engulfed in cigarette smoke. Now we're pissed. Although, this is just an enjoyable habit of theirs, we are having to suffer breathing that crap in. It's unbearable. It sucks, too, because we actually really like our neighbors. But we stop liking them when we feel that they're being incredibly inconsiderate. They don't know that they are either. That's what sucks, because it's not like you can start screaming out your window that it's "95 effin degrees outside and to put out their God Damn cigarettes!!!", or to simply stink up their own house with the smoke. No, can't do that.

I really wish I could, though.

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