Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am at home right now while the rest of the family is off to Great Grandma Eve's Birthday party. Last night, the stomach flu that has whipped through the gym landed in my gut. On four separate occasions, I had the joy of violently vomiting into my disgusting toilet. It certainly put a perspective as to how dirty my bathroom was. I believe looking, really looking at my toilet bowl probably helped expedite the process of hurling. Every time I put something on my stomach, I regretted it later. Sometimes your favorite foods can become your enemy. After each episode, my body hurt SO BAD. Every bone, tendon, muscle, and all of my skin hurts. My freakin' cheek bones hurt! So, Farrah and her Dad left to go to the birthday party while I have chosen to hang back so not to be the ass hole that gets everyone sick. I intend to stop typing and pull myself upstairs into my bed and get some much needed rest. I honestly wouldn't mind if the flu moved from my stomach down to my intestines. It would give one end of my body a bit of a break.

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