Saturday, January 19, 2008

911 Junkie

The last couple of days, I've called the authorities twice. The first time was because a Semi-Truck driver was driving very aggressively on the freeway, making me feel incredibly unsafe. He was tailgating people and leaving only enough room about the size of a bicycle between him and the other car. Should he have to have stopped, he would've driven over the top of the car. Today, I had to call because as I was getting onto the freeway, there was a seagull on the side of the road just sitting there, clearly with a broken leg or wing. It was distracting in so many ways. First, it was just sad because it looked helpless. Second, it seemed like it was just waiting to be hit. And third, it had friends flying above it waiting for something to happen so they could swoop down and eat him. Just a little disturbing. In any case, there I was dialing away. At least I don't call them on Thanksgiving looking for a good stuffing recipe.

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