Thursday, January 24, 2008


Farrah now has a touch of the stomach flu. I went to wake her up this morning to find her in a pile of barf. She stood up, reached for me and started to cry. It was heartbreaking and smelly all at the same time. There is, indeed, a difference between spit up and barf, fo' sho'. I picked her up and bathed her while her Dad put her bedding in the wash. Scrubbing the barf out of her hair was quite the task. Not only was I having to pick out pieces of last night's dinner, I had to massage the shampoo in her hair until I could get the smell out, only that never happened. Her hair was super stinky. Her spirits were up and she was her usual self. I figured she must have eaten something that didn't agree with her. Wrong assumption. She spent time with me at work and was just tired and not hungry. I decided to take her home and pick up some lunch on the way. When we were literally one block from my house when she started to cry. A couple seconds later, "AGGHHHH"! She barfed all over herself while she shed some tears. It was so sad to watch her this way. My car instantly filled up with vomit stench. Mike met me at home and helped clean things up. What a trooper! She was all cleaned up and herself again. I pumped her full of Pedialite and am getting ready to serve her some chicken broth. She doesn't have much of an appetite, but I don't blame her. So, there it is. Farrah has had two stinky days in a row. Don't worry I called the doctor and she'll be just fine.

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