Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I have a migraine right now. It usually likes to stop by once a month and say a friendly hello with a feeling of a 10 inch nail stabbing me in my right eye. Light makes me want to throw up, sound makes me want to throw up, and the sour cream and onion potato chips Mike is eating in bed right now are making me want to throw up. Thank you for putting them aside, honey.

Also, I'm watching The Daily Show and they are giving a little bit of a recap of the Caucus elections., too, is making me want to barf a little. Politics are so lame sometimes. I have a favorite, and it seems that all the rest of the politicians love him so much that they are stealing his words. When he says it, I feel alive, when they say it, I want to stick my head in the toilet and wait to see the sequel of what I ate earlier. Also, sorry if some of you love him out there, but Guiliani drops 9-11 every chance he gets, and that too, makes me choke on bile. I know it is shitty to talk politics, but there it is.

Gonna get off the computer now, so the brightness of the screen will stop hurting me.

Peace out, bitches.

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