Saturday, April 14, 2007


Today, as a matter of fact, 10 minutes ago, I experienced something that all parents at one time or another have the privilege to experience. After a light lunch, Farrah and I decided to play. She was lying on her back on my bed and I was bending over to kiss her on each cheek. I would go down kiss her about 5 times real fast while making "mommy" sounds and then I'd go to the next cheek doing the same thing. She was even lucky enough to get the loves on the forehead. I had done this about 5 or 6 times when I finally reached the left cheek again and suddenly tasted something. Yes, my daughter had spit up from all the fun directly into my mouth. Ewwwwww. The astonishing thing was that I did not follow suit and spit up myself. I simply grabbed the burp cloth and wiped my tongue down and wiped her mouth. I actually laughed at this. Anyway, I hope none of you were eating when you read this. Kinda gross, huh? I'm going to go play with her again. Hopefully she got it all out the first time.

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