Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Farrah: Month 4

Happy 4 month birthday, sweetie! Wow, I can hardly believe how big you're getting. A year ago today is also the day that your Dad and I found out we were having you. I still have a picture of the pregnancy test stick that says "pregnant." My, you have really reached some crazy milestones lately, too. You have found your laugh. Both your Dad and I have found ways to make you laugh out loud. All I had to do was laugh real hard at you and you joined in. Your smile gets bigger and bigger everyday, just like the rest of you.

Your clothes are starting to get snug. Some of your newborn clothes you can still wear, but not for much longer. Those snaps are starting to hang on for dear life. You seem to love music. Almost every time I put some music on in the car, you start chatting up a storm. It's as if you're either singing along, or you're trying to talk over it so you don't have to listen. Last night, your Dad and I almost flipped out with a huge new thing you did. I was feeding you your 8pm bottle and I decided to try to allow you to hold it on your own. And guess what? You did it!!! You held your bottle! You even tilted up so you'd have no problems drinking. Your Dad rushed over to see and we were both very proud of you. You're so smart. For your first Easter, you received a new chair called the Bumble. It helps support your front and back so that you can practice sitting up. You seem to really enjoy it, too. I know it's time to take you out of it when you start to grunt. That means your neck is getting tired.

One of your new things is actually an old thing of yours that went away for a while. Your tongue. You stick it out at us like you're making faces at us. One day you did this so much, I started laughing really hard at you, and you started to laugh with me, which made me laugh even more.

We've learned a little trick to get you to relax and ultimately fall asleep. When you get fussy and all else fails, I simply hold you against my chest and gently tap you on the back and rock back & forth. You make little noises like you're humming when I do this. When you're completely quiet, I know I've won. And, Farrah, you are definitely showing signs that you are such a girl. If you're not getting your way, you let out a very high pitch squeal which is your way of whining. And so it begins. You also kick your feet when you whine. If you were standing up, you'd be stomping your feet. I suppose this is something we get to look forward to. Bath time is a little different now. You kick the water and splash like crazy. I can no longer walk away from bath time with dry clothes. Those days are gone. Finally, you had your very first sleep over so Daddy and I could play. Thank you, honey. You kept right on your schedule at Melissa's just like you do at home. Bedtime around 10:30 - 11:00 with your last bottle and then you wake up exactly at 4:00 am for your first feeding followed by the next feeding around 8:30 - 9:00 am. It's wonderful that you are so predictable. Your Daddy and I love you so much and can't believe how fast you're growing and how big you're getting. I will apologize in advance for the several shots you will be receiving on Friday for your 4 month check up. On a final note, you have inspired me to start a project. When this project is completed, I will share it with everyone, and of course, you, my muse.

I love you, Face.


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