Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Fertility Day!

Mike and I learned that Easter was originally a day that was to celebrate fertility. That is where the Bunny came from (because they do it a lot) and why there are decorated eggs. No, the Bunny doesn't lay the eggs. The Cadburry Egg commercials, however, used to freak me out when it showed the Bunny "clucking" and then hopping away after laying an egg. What the hell?!! I didn't know they could communicate that way nor that they could push that out of their body. Delicious. Anyway, we celebrated Easter or Fertility Day, whichever you prefer, with a wonderful meatloaf, scalloped potatos, and sweet carrots. No ham. Already had that on Saturday. Well, here are some overly obsessive pictures of my daughter's first Fertility Day.

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