Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So, it finally happened. I managed to thwart off catching a cold and/or the flu for over a year, and BAM! I caught a cold from one of the many sick bastards around me yesterday. (Mike, it may not have been from you. I'll blame it on Nick) Since I have a cold, that means that Farrah does, too. Crap. Luckily, her cold isn't too bad. I just hope she doesn't have the same sore throat that I have. One good thing, though. I tend to get rid of a cold or flu very quickly. I jump on the drugs and vitamins immediately and get plenty of rest. I also tend to use the whole mind over matter trick and the ailment escapes me within a day or two. Which is good considering I just started up at work again yesterday. I'm sure they're thinking I'm faking it so I could squeeze in another day with the baby.

Farrah's first cold. So cute, and yet so sad. She sneezes, it seems, every half hour to hour. She also periodically coughs. Nothing chesty though. I had called her doctor yesterday to see if I should switch her check up appointment scheduled for Friday to today, but they said she sounded like she was okay. I agree. I think it's worse for me because she's getting all the virus killing potion from my boobs. When Farrah sneezes or coughs, it sounds so adorable. Is that wrong of me to think that way? They're such petite noises, they're precious. She doesn't appear to be uncomfortable because she smiles after she releases the explosions out of her face. I will put a picture of "Sick Farrah" here to document her first ailment. Are you convinced she's under the weather? Yeah...her red nose and red eyes give it away.

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