Saturday, February 17, 2007

Most Popular Girls at the Party

The Seattle Home Show started today. Mike's booth is all set up and the guys are ready for a big year for 2007. I love going to the Home Show and being a part of the "Family Business." Farrah and I decided that we would go and visit her dad and check things out. I got her all dressed up and cute for her dad. She wore a little white long sleeved onesie with ruffles on the back. She also wore socks and a head band. She never wears head bands, but I thought I'd make a special exception. When we arrived at Quest Field, it began. It seemed like we were approached by anyone and everyone. The guy operating the elevator, the people on the elevator, the people checking tickets, and all the vendors until I reached Mike's booth. Then Mike took her out of her stroller and we walked around to show her to people we know. We, of course, got all the ooohs and ahhhs from our friends. There were several that didn't even know that we were expecting and so they were very surprised.

Later, I had to take her to be fed and to change her. I had to have been stopped 10 different times my first trip to the restroom by people who either recognized me and complete strangers to ask me about her. At the booth, we were asked so many times by people passing by about her. The comments constantly made were: "How old is she? Oh, I have a (insert relation and age here). The time goes by so fast. Remember these times, because they'll be gone before you know it. I can hardly remember when (insert name and/or relation here) was that little." Ahh. I'm so glad that I have a camera to capture as much as we do. I keep hearing about how it will go by before a blink of an eye. On that note, I will insert pictures that help capture a couple of sweet and funny memories from yesterday.

I took several pictures while changing her because she always smiles and laughs when she gets changed. I captured a wonderful picture of her smiling. After that, she decided to get fussy and then full on pissed off. I chose to take a picture of me making fun of her crying. I know I'm mean, but I think it's funny. She'll thank me for it when she's older.

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