Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doing My Part

I just finished writing to the Washington State Department of Transportation. Tonight, there was yet another fatality on I-5 by our house. There has now been, I believe 5 fatalities in the last 3-4 years. That is ridiculous. The last time there was a fatality, I wrote to the DOT and they quickly responded. Mind you, they did not send out a mass email to me and everyone else who wrote. The woman who responded wrote to me and mentioned my personal concerns. I was glad at the time that I had written. Now, I have written again and I hope I get a response again. Only this time, I hope they respond with the right answer. The right answer is to put up concrete barriers rather than those stupid cables that are supposed to stop a vehicle going 60+ mph from crossing over to oncoming traffic. Anyone else who lives in this area, please send a message to the DOT that white knuckle driving through Marysville on I-5 is unacceptable.

Tonight, I crawled through traffic from Everett all the way to Arlington. That drive is usually a 40 minute commute. Tonight it was 2 hours. Keep in mind, I had an 8 week old baby in the back screaming that she wanted some boobie that I could not provide. I thought it would be dangerous to pull to the side of the freeway and feed her. So, I periodically got to hear her scream at me. I felt horrible. I constantly had to remove my seatbelt, keep one hand on the steering wheel, and stretch and reach for her pacifier and stick it back in her mouth. Luckily we weren't driving any faster than one of those dogs whose back legs were paralized, pulling himself on a makeshift doggie wheel chair. Does that sentence make sense? I read it about 5 times and I think I put down what I wanted to say, but quite honestly I'm so exhausted from that drive, someone speaking jibberish would make sense to me. The entire drive was pretty miserable, but what can you do? Now, I remember why I hardly ever head South.

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Mike Moody said...

You two are the prettiest females I have ever seen. And the scariest.