Thursday, December 07, 2006

Walking Around The Christmas Tree

We had our doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looks great and on track. I asked the doctor at what point can I say I'm sick of this and how to "help move things along." She told me after the end of this week (week 37) I can start going on long walks and have lots and lots of sex. The walks will help because of the gravity and sex creates some chemical reaction that at times triggers contractions. Yesterday, I went Xmas shopping at the mall for a couple hours. I decided to stop once my feet began to feel like I had rocks in my socks. As soon as I got behind the wheel, pain. It was not cramping or contraction-like. It was sharp. Earlier in the day, the type of exam that I had during my doctor's visit was kinda invasive so I wasn't too surprised that I would eventually experience some discomfort. In any case, Mike had me call the doctor's office today for peace of mind and I was given peace of mind. Everything is A-okay. However, for the last two days now, my back has been KILLING me. Nothing is helping it. The one thing I can think of that will help it is the LONG walk I intend to take next week. I'll walk around the mall, walk on the treadmill, walk around the neighborhood, whatever it takes to get her to make her way towards the light. As for the sex, I don't see that being a problem. Mike will be very cooperative in that department. Wish us luck because honestly, I am sooooooo done. I want to get on with motherhood. I'm ready to meet my daughter. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Whew! On that note, I think I'm ready for a nap.

Just to add something funny...Mike had to tie one of my shoes today because I couldn't reach it. He did a great job. Thanks sweetheart.

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