Thursday, December 14, 2006


I decided to get some girly things done for myself before the big day. I know I'm going to be pretty exhausted when Farrah arrives and the thought of getting the nails and hair done will seem like a joke. Tuesday, I had a manicure and a pedicure done. The nails are pretty. Last night I got squeezed into a last minute appointment with my hairdresser and had the blonde put back. Love it! The blonde gives the illusion of a softer side of me. I had briefly mentioned to Mike about just letting my nails grow out and pull off the acrylic and just have my normal nails for a while. He at that point suggested that I also go ahead and cut off all my hair and go become a mom. I laughed so hard. He reminded me that he plans on being here for both me and Farrah, so when I need to get away and do things for myself that I can. He told me just to make sure I have plenty of milk stocked up and he'd be happy to hold down the fort while I pamper myself and go get made pretty. She's not even here yet, and he's a huge support system in my life. Thanks, Mike.

I had some pains last night. I told Mike that I knew we were getting very close because I was experiencing sharp pains in the pelvic region that I hadn't felt before. The Braxton Hicks have been coming on stronger, longer, and more frequent. They come and go, though. It's definitely not constant. I could go a good hour or two without Braxton Hicks, but then out of the blue it could be every 5-10 minutes for 2-3 hours. Mike called me earlier today to let me know that it would be very convenient if I were to go into labor either tonight or tomorrow. I reminded him that we do have a party to go to Friday night, but he said we could miss it if we absolutely have to.

Things to do today to help move things along:
1. Do squats at work when no one is looking
2. Eat spicy Thai food for lunch
3. Do more squats at work when no one is looking
4. Go to the gym and walk the treadmill and stair climber
5. Do squats at home when Mike isn't looking
6. Eagerly wait

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Mike Moody said...

Eat some laxatives, and poop her out already!!!