Monday, December 11, 2006

Lil' Baby Jesus

I made an odd observation this weekend. Last week and this weekend I decorated our house with the various Christmas decorations we have accumulated over the years. One of my favorite items is, of course, the Nativity scene mom and dad bought Mike and I for our first Xmas together. It is a very attractive and sturdy manger with very detailed animals, people, and angel. However, I had to remind myself of the story of this scene. This was the day Jesus was born, right? Well, according to the size comparison of Jesus to Mary, Jesus looks like he's about 2-3 years old. His body is literally half the size of Mary's! Not only that, he has perfectly long and feathered hair. According to the old-wives tales, Mary had some serious heartburn during her pregnancy. By looking at this, I would guess that Jesus weighed about 35 pounds and was about 2 and a half to 3 feet long at the time of his birth. That freaks me out a bit. Mary didn't have an epidural for that delivery. Not only that, did she have boiling water and clean sheets?!! NO! Quite honestly, I'm surprised she survived. I think maybe the person who made my Nativity Scene just used a bad mold or something. Mom has a Nativity scene that shows a newborn as Jesus. It was certainly more realistic or at least not as frightening.

Okay, Saturday, we had Nick and Noah decorate the Xmas tree. I suppose I should give a "Shout Out" to Alex for putting up his ornament. Thanks, buddy for the help. ;) We video taped most of it and we made sure Mike captured me putting my perverted elf up and my Santa that straddles the Xmas lights. We want to make sure we do a lot of video taping. We feel like we've missed a lot of things that we wish we had video taped. Yesterday, we also filmed Mom & Dad's tree getting decorated. Jeff wasn't there, so that sucked. The rest was fun, though. We started off by placing all of the dog toys and Grandma's shoe on the tree when mom wasn't looking. And like always, Mom was right behind us undoing everything we had worked so hard ruining. It was fun. Their tree was so tall they couldn't put the angel up which, unfortunately meant no pervert elf. Oh, well. Mike put up one of mom's birthday balloons as the tree topper. We all agreed that since it was for Jesus' birthday, it made sense and therefore, would work just fine.

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