Friday, December 08, 2006

Puff Town Races

Yeah, only one other person knows what that even means, but I had to put it in here to make him smile. Puffy. Yes, I am the face. I have what every pregnant woman ultimately gets. The look of chipmunk cheeks. My cheeks look like they're filled with marshmallows. Mmmm, marshmallows. Mike and I were laughing about them this morning. It's really weird. I've looked at prepregnancy photos and I compare my face shape and have noticed that I really had a Skelator face. Pointy nose, pointy chin, and pointy cheeks. Now, they're all filled with water and fat, kinda like a Christmas ham. I didn't quite have the Maria Shriver look, though. My ankles are almost unrecognizable, but still not cankles. I was blessed with my mother's ankles that forever remain small. Thank you, Mommy. My mom had also warned me that I might need to consider removing my rings from my fingers. They aren't getting stuck just yet, but there's always that fear that I could go into labor, swell up, and then have to have the rings cut off. That would kind of put a damper on things. To avoid ruining my fun jewelry, I am not wearing the rings.

Side note, I pulled my jeans out of the dryer too early this morning and discovered a little trick. When jeans aren't completely dry, they are easier to get on. The fabric isn't so tight that you have to jump on one leg and then the other just to pull them over your ass. However, there is a down side. I feel like I've had an accident that went up my hips rather than down my legs. It's cold, too. BUT, my jeans fit!

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