Monday, November 19, 2007

Dear Farrah Part 11


Yesterday you turned 11 months old! We are coming up on a milestone. One more month and you'll be a whole year old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Everyone says cherish these times because it goes by so quickly and it's gone before you know it. Wow, were they right. The beauty is, I've been very good at cherishing every moment.

You are full-on walking. Your dad and I labeled November 10th as the day you really started to choose your feet over your knees. If you want to get from point A to point B, it's done on your feet unless you're really tired. You've learned that being on your feet makes you just a little bit taller. But you're so petite! It's almost funny seeing you walk around because it just looks wrong. You do, of course, still crawl. Especially if you need to get somewhere in a hurry. You've discovered that when you attempt to move your feet quickly, it almost always lands you on your butt. I have discovered that the purpose of a diaper is not only to protect your clothes and my carpet from a tragic mess, but rather a cushion for those hard landings.

Daddy and Mommy bought you a couple new toys recently. A "Tickle-me-Elmo" and a baby doll. The "Tickle-me-Elmo" was from your dad. It gets you all excited. You start to quietly talk to Elmo when he starts laughing and jumping around everywhere. I have thought a couple of times that he might actually scare you a little. You get so entrigued, though, that any fear you have is pushed aside to see what he'll do next. Your dolly you seem to love, too. When I ask you where your baby is, you look around the room until you spot her. I have sat with you and said repeatedly, "Baby, baby, baby." I say it very slow and clear. The first time you heard this, you responded with an amazing, "Bebe." HOLY CRAP!!! After that, I made it clear to the household that we are not to swear anymore around you as you are a smart cookie and will probably drop an F-bomb if we're not careful. And I'd really rather you not.

You want to know what everything is. Since you can't verbally communicate just yet, you point at anything and everything. Mostly, you point at lights, food, and bottles. The other night you were sleeping in my arms and suddenly woke up and you started to cry a little. I didn't want to just assume you wanted a bottle so I didn't give it to you. You sat up, looked at my night stand, pointed at your bottle and gently whined. You win! Bottle, it is.

Dancing and singing are your thing. Anytime there's music on, you either bobb your head front and back or bend your knees to the rythym. Your songs usually consist of a high note followed by a low note. The lyrics are usually "Doi - doi", "Da - da", or "Ma - ma." Remember, it's only in those two notes. However, last night you decided to turn your slow relaxing melody into a jazz piece. You were scatting a bunch of Mamas. It was like, "Mamamamamamamamamamama." Super cool.

You learned how to laugh, or should I say FAKE laugh? You make a popping laughter sound. Everything to you is funny. EVERYTHING. You let out a good, "ha ha ha ha" anytime there is something on TV that might strike you as being somewhat entertaining. I had the news on last night or the night before and there was something a little sad on TV. At the right moment where someone should say, "Oh that's awful," you let out your laughter. You most certainly are your parents' daughter. Where others might read this and think it's terrible, I just laughed at it.

You have two favorite TV shows. Your number one favorite (which I'm so glad for) is Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I love that you love this show. When the piano music starts up on the show, you stop whatever it is that you're doing to look at the TV. As soon as Mister Rogers walks through the door and starts to sing, you bounce up and down with a big smile on your face. I've watched you while the show is on, and you seem to love him. He just has a quietness and gentleness about him that seems to make you feel comfortable. We also watch some Sesame Street from time to time. We don't watch it as often, though. Sometimes it's just too busy for you. You love it whenever there is music on. Again, you stop what you're doing to see what the song is about and you dance along. You also stop if you hear Elmo. He is certainly your favorite character. I'm so glad you love to watch the same stuff that I watched when I was growing up. You don't seem that interested in cartoons so you almost never watch them. Puppets are your thing. Daddy and I got you the box set of the Muppet Show. You've only seen one episode, but, boy did you love it! We'll watch again soon, I promise.

Farrah, you have learned how to show us that you love us. Last weekend, your Daddy asked you for a kiss. He was lying on the floor at your level and you crawled right up to his face and kissed him on the mouth. You had only done this once with me a couple weeks ago, but never again after that. You kissed your Daddy two more times after that. It was so sweet. You also show your way of hugging. You don't squeeze us. When I pick you up and hold you, you rest your head on my shoulder for a few seconds. You're not showing that you're tired because you immediately get up to go play. The best of the best was last night, though. I was sitting on the floor with you and your dad. I had my back turned to you as you played with Alex. Then all of a sudden, you were leaning your body and face against me. Your dad said it almost brought him to tears how completely sweet and genuine it was. After that, I grabbed you and I got a great big sloppy kiss out of you. You are beyond awesome.

You went to your first baby shower. You got to meet your cousin Kaitlyn. You and I got her some pajamas and some onesies. Hopefully, you'll get to grow up seeing her from time to time. You also got to meet your cousin Grant. You annoyed him because you're at that age where you start getting into everything even when you're asked to stop. Plus, you're a girl. A lot of the ladies from our big family were meeting you for the first time, while others were seeing you for a second time. We've been so busy with life, I haven't been able to get you out much past your Grandma and Grandpa's house. You'll get to see everyone soon for our Christmas party next month.

One last little thing. I noticed something about you today that was different. You have another tooth. I just noticed it today. Not only am I just noticing this, but it has been there for some time, as it looks like it is almost all the way in!! Have I been that self absorbed?!! Mind you, it is an upper tooth and is hidden quite well behind your lips. I did, however, notice that the twin of that tooth is getting ready to poke through. In all fairness, you don't whine unless you're tired. I'm not exactly given any clues, except perhaps the enormous amounts of drool. I'll pay better attention in the future. Keep in mind, your eyes are the number one thing I look at and they're quite hipnotic. It's not my fault. ; )

Oh, Miss Farrah, I can't get over you. I want you to know how very important and special you are to me and your Daddy. You have this special something that pulls us out of any gloomy feelings we could be having. You rescue us with just a smile. You being in our lives has been beyond necessary. You're a constant reminder of how truly precious life and love really are. You have our hearts wrapped around your tiny fingers.

I love you always and forever...


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