Friday, November 16, 2007

Going GREEN-ish

Last week, NBC put on every one of their programs something that had to do with saving the planet. Well, our household paid attention and decided to participate. We are becoming recycling fools. We rince out EVERYTHING. If it looks like it could be recycled, it probably can be, so in the recycle bin it goes. We've kept our thermostat down a degree to save that extra 10% a month. We're using candles instead of the plug in smell-swells. That's also because we're afraid they're going to come out with some announcement that says, "Um, yeah, those things that you'd plug into your walls that made your house smell so fantastic? Um, you now all have 2 months to live because your brain is liquifying." I just don't want to be a part of that mess. I'm remembering to turn off my computer and to go around and unplug miscellaneous appliances. Mind you, we're not experts at all of this yet and I'm sure we'll forget from time to time. However, I had a breakthrough yesterday. I had tried to dump the leftover pasta that was in a plastic container. When doing so, the container slipped out of my hands and fell into the grody garbage. I started to walk away saying, screw it, when I had an awful pit in my stomach. I dug out the container, cleaned it, and finished my recycling task. Guilt can go a long way to save the earth. Mike and I have also invested in a Biodiesel company. We're very excited about all the progress they're making and all the new technology our company is developing. Next step: get rid of our gas guzzling vehicles and purchase biodiesel rigs. Good news. Toureg has come out with a biodiesel model. When we can, we'll be getting it.

Go Earth!

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