Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No Thanks, My Plate is Full

How much drama and stress can one put on their plate without it spilling over onto side dishes? Life is insane in the Moody house. They say during pregnancy to limit the amount of stress in your life as much as you can especially in the first trimester. Well, here I am 5 days away from the second trimester and I have peaked on the insanity which is my life. Half the time I can't tell if the hardness in my abdomen is the pregnancy or my tension.

Our house has been taken apart because we recarpeted the main floor and upstairs which meant we had to move the dining table, pool table, all the beds and bedroom furniture, all the clothes in the closets, etc. Aghhhhhh! I can't find my favorite white bra anywhere because it got lost in the shuffle. Perhaps it's just a sign for me to go shopping because it doesn't fit that well right now anyway. I'm kinda "busting" out of the seams (pun intended). On Monday, the carpet guys showed up and were only able to get the old carpet pulled up and lay the new padding down. So, that night Mike and I slept on just a mattress staring practically straight up to watch the TV on the wall. I felt like we were in an apartment. At least once, all of us got poked by the tacks sticking up around the edges of the pad. Yesterday the carpet was finished and the guys neglected to hang the doors back up and covered a couple of our vents with the carpet. Nice.

The house is slowly, but surely coming together again. When it is back to its normal state, I will feel a huge sense of relief. Unfortunately, with everything happening at the Arlington house, we haven't had an opportunity to check on or play at our Wenatchee house. Bummer. It's relaxing over there and we need to get there right away and decompress.

I'm heading to my Grandma's tomorrow so I can get away for a bit. Poor Mike isn't sure if he can handle it, but oh well. I find it a relief to talk to other people about what is going on in their lives so I can have a moment or two to not think of my own trials and tribulations. I'm not a big fan of drama.

I have to apologize for my blog entries being so journally. Once the shit stops hitting the fan, I'll start focusing on the funny and gross things in my life to keep it entertaining.

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