Monday, June 19, 2006

Ewwww, Titan

While things have been busy in our house, one member of our family has unfortunately taken the back seat for a bit. That would be poor Titan. I've really missed him lately and picked things up around the house so he could come sit with me in the living room while I brushed him. He could barely sit still. He was so excited to be in with us, he could hardly contain himself. Eventually, he ended up calming down and was ready for bed. I laid out his new blanket to sleep on my side of the bed. He has to sleep on the floor because there's not enough room for another 120 pounds in or on our bed. He was lying on his bed while I got ready and started watching "Shawn of the Dead." The light was turned of and all you could hear was the TV and Titan breathing heavy, indicating he was wiped out and falling asleep. Suddenly and without warning while I was watching the main character of the movie bash in zombie heads, a horrible odor began to fill the air. God Dammit. The air was thick with Titan ass. It was hard to breath and my eyes began to water. I looked up at the ceiling fan and hoped that it had enough power to dissipate the smell so that the little poo particles would spread through the room and no one would be the wiser of the poison that Titan released. The fan was put on super-high. While I continued to watch the movie with my bed sheets covering my nose, the fan did its work. A few minutes passed and I was able to come out from under the covers and enjoy my movie. Unfortunately, when there is one stink, it is bound to have friends. Aghhhhh. Gross. Dammit Titan! He didn't care, nor did he even know. He slept through the whole thing. Lucky. I don't understand how that works, though. Aren't dogs supposed to have this amazing sense of smell? You'd think it would have rattled his nerves enough to make him open at least one eye to look around the room and hope no one thought it was him. Round two was not good. At one point, I felt like I was trapped in a gas chamber. The fan was no match for the toxin. I waved my white flag in defeat and had to make a decision. If Mike walked in that room, he would've had a fit. It usually smells clean with nice fragrances of various candles. Now it carried the scent of fur, bad breath, oh and dog shit. So I did what needed to be done. I walked him across the hall to sleep with Nick and closed the door. Hey, he was already asleep and didn't know a thing. He likes the company anyway.

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