Friday, June 16, 2006

My Bed & My Back

Our house has been apart for quite some time now, but has slowly been put back together. Our new bedroom furniture (Mike's mom's) is all set up, polished, and looking wonderful. However, the bedframe called for a King size mattress and all we had was a double. It has been uncomfortable tripping over the metal frame in the middle of the night. Luckily, last night Mike bought a King size mattress. When I got home he had it all set up like a surprise. He bought new linens, pillow, and comforter for the bed. The color is a rich chocolate brown. I jumped on the bed and sunk in it. It is so soft. We were both drooling over how comfortable our new bed was all night. We even went to bed very early.

Well, I woke up this morning and my back and neck hurt. Throughout the night, I had to switch from the big fluffy pillow, to the decorative pillow, to no pillow at all. I'm going to have to get creative in how I'm going to live with this oh so comfortable and yet painful new mattress. Mike already told me if he has to he will lovingly provide me with a beautiful piece of plywood to place under my side of the bed. Unfortunately, carrying the 300 pound mattress back down the stairs is out of the question. I guess I started getting used to the springs stabbing me in my back from the old mattress. If I can't find a comfortable position or better pillow, I am prepared to accept my new piece of plywood.

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