Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Heading for Round 2

I am at 12 weeks and counting down the days for my second trimester. Everyone has said that everything just gets easier now. Easier than what? I don't want to toot my own horn or jinx anything, but my first trimester was so easy that half the time I forgot I was pregnant. The times I would remember was usually when the task of moving heavy furniture around the house was at hand. I don't like to lift if I don't have to. I didn't experience any morning sickness. My gag reflex has been pretty strong lately. When I brush my tongue and I hit that little spot in the back, I get that tight feeling in my throat and stomach. My eyes water like crazy and I stare at myself in the mirror waiting to fill the sink. That's it, though. My mom told my that I would probably get constipated, but nope! Perfectly normal and quite comfortable poos. My skin has taken a beating, though. As I have told people, you could probably play connect the dots and discover the Statue of Liberty on my face. Like they said, though, it is getting better. Thank god for Lancome!

Seeing myself in the mirror with my pooch in cute clothes is fun, but naked...not a pretty site. I can only imagine what it will look like down the road. I'm pretty sure when the time is right I will follow my friend's lead (Jen) and get a pregnant professional photo taken. However, it will be in black and white. It's a little more forgiving.

I've had some Debbie Downers actually tell me that I shouldn't be so confident about feeling great during the first trimester because it will get "awful" and I'll end up "hating" it. Who are these people telling me such shitty things? Evie told me from day one, no one can give you much advise on how you'll feel and what to expect because everyone is different and everyone's pregnancy is different. So far, I've loved my experience and I'm glad I get to document it and not bitch too much. Unfortunately, that makes for a somewhat boring blog, but I'm trying. I might just have to tell funny and gross stories about Mike or Titan. I have tons of those. Besides, I can tell many of those because they don't read this. Mike just forgets I have this blog and Titan can't read because he's a dog.

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