Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fifty Shades of GREAT

Yes, I read the books.  All three of them.  Beginning to end.  And truthfully, I was entertained.  Once you get through all the screwing (which I totally don't mind reading about...who doesn't?), the story is fun.  It isn't a favorite of mine, but if a book can make my eyes water a little, big points to the author.

I am a total nerd, but I kind of have to be for the path and journey I'm on.  So, I'll read anything at this time that might spark some extra imagination for me.  Plus, reading exercises my brain.  Shit, I must be a genius by now! (Kidding)

I read the first book and yawned from time to time when there were too many (is it possible, yes) "sex scenes" because every book I read gets down and dirty.  Reeeeal dirty.  Nowadays, that is what the public wants.  OBVIOUSLY, by the massive positive outcry for this book that so many have expressed.  But I'd finished a lot of other books recently and decided to go back and read Book 1 again.  Okay.  It wasn't boring as much as I just wanted to focus on the character development.  Once I got that, I started to really enjoy it.  Then I bought book 2.  Read it.  Then book 3.  Finished.

It's fun.  It's flirty.  It's rags to riches.  It's naughty (I mean down right constant CONSTANT f*cking; sometimes it simply gets to the point that you skim through the screwing so you can get back to the story), but like I said...I was entertained.  KUDOS to the author for doing something that she'd always wanted to do, take on such a risqué topic (and in three books nonetheless), and making so many women out there HAPPY that someone could appeal to what women want.
Side note:  I noticed at the grocery store yesterday where all the Fifty Shades of Grey books are, below them are about 4 other books that are all about sex.  Clearly, Pandora's sex box (hee hee) has been opened.  Thank you writers!  You're so scandalous.

I only have 3 favorite authors who's style is very much like mine and I've been lucky enough to have discovered them.  Every author has a different style, different way to tell a story, and a different way to keep readers intrigued.  There are some that get published and I'm like, "what?"  But, again, there is something for everyone.  And a story teller for everyone.  I've read some really awful stuff, but I'll admit that Fifty Shades will not go on my shelf in the "Do Not Ever Read Ever Again Even If You're Sick Or Broke And Can't Afford Any More Books" section.

Honestly, I think a BIG part of me enjoyed reading this because the author chased a dream and succeeded immensely!  How can one not be inspired by that?  So, while reading these books that had some serious effed up (but not at all horrible) parts to made it even so much better knowing I was reading something that someone decided it was time to make a change and do something she'd always wanted to do.

I might start reading them again.  Like I said, I'm a nerd.  And...we'll call it "research".  ; ) 

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