Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Reason Why I Won't Cut It

I know my hair has been long for a long, long time, but I still have no intentions of cutting it off. Mind you, a few days ago I did have it "trimmed" which involved removing about 2 inches. It was more than I wanted, but it is still technically long. In any case, it won't go much shorter than that. Here are my reasons: Other than it being grounds for divorce, it is something that Farrah loves to play with. She tries to brush or comb my hair. She watches me do it and tries to participate. The other night I discovered a game with her. I took my hair and covered my face and asked her, "Where's Mommy?!!" and she pushed my hair aside and burst out laughing. We did this several times until it was time to go to bed. Finally, the best thing that I do with my hair that my little girl loves are the 'lion kisses' she receives from me. She's been getting 'lion kisses' from me since she was born. When she's on her back, my hair falls forward when I'm playing with her and it brushes across her face, tickling her. She closes her eyes and laughs until I steal a real kiss from her. How can I take away Farrah's lion kisses just for change for me? I can't and I won't. So, I will end up being one of those moms when I'm 40-something, who needs a major make over because I haven't changed my look since I was 20 years old. It's sad but I accept my fate. This may end up embarrassing Farrah, but it's something between the two of us that we'll get to share for a while.

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