Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Night Life

After I was handed my daughter and I was fully stitched and covered up, family started to make their way in. Of course, we wanted her brothers in there. Nick and Alex came in and saw their sister and both got their pictures taken with her. Steve (my brother) and his wife, Bree came in and saw her. Steve was afraid to hold her though, because he thought she was too fragile. Melissa, Nick's mom was their. Donna, Joe, and Kristina drove all the way from Whidbey Island. Jen came by after a lot of people had left. Her reaction was sweet. Our friends, Stacy and Calvin and their sons, stopped by and brought flowers. Stacy had mentioned how much she loved the photo that Mike sent out to everyone. I hadn't seen it so Mike showed it to me and I broke down. Clayton and Cynthia also stopped by. If you can't already tell, I'm giving a "shout out" to those that came to see us. If I missed anyone and you're reading this and your name was missed, sorry.

One treat that I had was chocolate milk. When I was in labor, I was craving chocolate milk like crazy. My dad went and bought me one. I had to send him out to get me about 3-4 more. That's how bad I wanted it. The cafetieria called me and took my order for dinner. Ironically, I was also craving a toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup. They had it on the menu. When they asked me what I wanted to drink...chocolate milk of course. As soon as I was allowed, my dad grabbed two of my chocolate milks. I also had massive amounts of water. My dinner came and people started heading home. Eventually, it was just me and Mike. Every chance Mike had, he would curl up with Farrah as he laid on the couch. The nurses had me all set up with plenty of drugs to take so I can use the bathroom. They did a great job at freaking me out about it. Mind you, they were incredibly helpful, though.

Throughout the evening, Mike slept as much as he could, I got up almost every hour when the nurses came in to check on me and check on Farrah, and ultimately didn't get a whole lot of sleep. It was okay, though. I LOVED getting up to change her, to feed her, and to simply hold her and look at her. It was so nice. The room was dark and quiet and Mike would wake up from time to time and ask me how I was doing and check on her. We felt like a little family. It was an incredible feeling. I was definately ready to go home the next day.

The next day, my parents stopped by and so did my younger brother, Jeff. Alex also stopped by and helped us get some of the final details taken care of. We left to go home around 6 pm. I was very excited. I was also very high with my drugs. I sat in the back with Farrah and Mike chauffered us home. Most of the rest of that evening is a blank. I'm sure we tried putting her in her co-sleeper, but ultimately slept with her in my arms (which is what she still does). We took massive pictures of everything. I'll be sure to share some.

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