Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bath Time Fun

Farrah loves getting a bath. I love giving Farrah a bath. She smells so good and she's adorable naked. I can take a diaper changing moment full of screams and tears and get her to completely relax and get comfortable. Monday night, however, she got so relaxed and comfortable that she shit in her tub. You know you've made it to "mommyhood" when a moment like that can seem precious. Is that weird? I laughed histarically, removed my child from the fecal infested tub, cleaned out the tub, and tried again. When Farrah is all clean and I begin to dry her off, her long dark hair has a bit of curl to it. When her hair completely dries, however, it is completely straight and sticks up like an old 80s Pat Benatar. Super cool.

Another memorable moment with my daughter was a recent diaper changing experience. In a matter of 5-10 minutes, I managed to change her diaper 4 times! This girl knows when she wants to go and although it might be completely inconvenient for others, she makes her decision to go and then executes that decision. Even though in that moment I let out a very loud, "God Dammit!", I was laughing the whole time. How could I not? It's still precious. Like I've always said, poop is funny, and Farrah just knows how to make it funnier.

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that I now have dark circles under my eyes. I intend to make a trip to Target tomorrow and buy some diapers, some Febreze, and some light colored concealer to fool everyone into thinking that I am well rested or I might have to make a trip to the art section, buy some paint, and paint my eyelids with open and alert eyes. Either way, it's all an act. I'm tired. Even so, I am loving this experience.

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Mike Moody said...

You are doing an awesome job of being a Mommy. Almost 10 years now of knowing you, and everyday I witness new strengths you have.

You still piss me off sometimes though.

But I love you.