Friday, December 21, 2012


Did you notice the more cheerful background to my page?  I did.  Because I made that happen.  Actually, I wanted to pull away from the dark page (even though I thought it looked rad) and add some "feel-good-ness" to it.  
Not only are there changes on my page, but there are changes happening in my life.  I am working on making these changes to be something that will bring me joy, an open mind, a sense of freedom, and some peace and stability.  What silly things to strive for, right?  

I have pictured in my mind the following:

I am wandering around a large oak tree with the desire to climb that tree, because up there is beauty that I can't reach, but so desperately want.  And a hand reaches down from within the branches and helps me climb the beautiful tree and it ends up being me who has helped me.  

In the end, it is only me that can save me or lend me that helping hand to reach the beauty that I have every right to touch.  With some time and some trust in myself, I will find that girl that I've loved for almost 36  I have no doubt and I look forward to my future.  

Okay, life, I'm ready when you are...

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