Saturday, September 08, 2012

Potter Curiosity

Seen the movies a zillion times, and yet I'm puzzled with the very last scene of the very last movie.  Spoiler Alert:  I'm going to Spoil the ending here.

This is a complaint I have with the final scene of the last movie because it simply struck me as odd that when it shows Hermoine, Ron, and Harry & his wife at the end...they kinda all look like shit.  I mean, the kids are dressed okay, but everyone else seems to have completely phoned it in.  Dark circles under eyes, shabby clothing, dirty shoes, crappy coats, and weirdly unkempt hair.  And their noses.  All their noses are bigger - quite noticeably.  Is mine that much bigger than it was when I was 17?  Holy shit, I hope not!

Here's where my confusion and disappointment comes in:

Harry, Hermoine, and Ron were all responsible for KILLING VOLDERMORT.  I guess that's kind of a big deal, right?  Like if a few children got past security and killed Hitler or some other evil example like that...they might be considered heroes, right?  But then why, why do they look like they work at the DMV?  I would imagine that Hermoine would hold some sort of position in politics.  Harry would probably be taken care of for the rest of his life as a sort of "thank you" from THE WORLD.  And Ron, well, he'd be equally praised for just being super rad.  Harry's wife...meh.  But, she did marry "the boy that wouldn't die, who died, an then didn't die again".

So what does someone have to do to get commended?  For Christ's sake, freakin' Malfoy at the end of the movie is looking all suave and fancy-pants, but he was a douche bag his whole time growing up and tried to MURDER people.  He may not have been a fan of the potential murdering, but still...douche.  His whole family followed the big 'ol bad guy, and he gets to show up at the train station looking all awesome sending his son off and barely nods any type of acknowledgement to Harry.  "Yeah, you're welcome for saving your freakin' life.  You're welcome. I could've let you burn to a crisp in that fire and watched you cry like a little girl, but no, saved your life so you could have a son and your super hot wife." said Harry, in my version of the ending.

I don't know if others feel the same as me about this movie or not because I think I've watched 100 marathons of the movies.  Great background noise.  So, now I have a stupid opinion that doesn't even matter, and yet here I am typing about it...because for some does to me.

One more thing, when all his dead friends and family come to greet him before he goes off to confront Voldermort and voluntarily die, where the hell is Fred?  He'd been very close friends with Harry for years and wasn't part of the "send-off" party.  Why?  He should've been there.  He should've been there.

Oh, why do I watch these movies so many times to formulate a non important subject to write about?  What has become of my life?

Oh well, better stop typing so I can go back to my marathon...again.


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