Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salad Debacle Part Deux

Had to write about this one because it was (at least for me) too funny not to.  Recently, at my favorite little place I go every weekday, I've ordered a mixed green salad rather than the Caesar salad that failed miserably.  Every time I order the mixed green, I'm asked, "Would you like them to mix it with the dressing?"
"Yes, please."
But what I receive is a side of Balsamic Vinaigrette.  Why?  I've ordered it three times, been asked the same question three times, and three times...they refuse to toss my salad.

Why won't they toss the salad?  They have all the tools in the kitchen to toss the salad and yet, they just won't do it.

So, we all know what that means.  I have to end up tossing my own salad.  This is a very difficult and awkward task as I do not have the right equipment to do it.

Also, I'm usually surrounded by some of my things so I have to bend to the side to toss my salad. you get what I'm doing here?  My mind went right to the gutter this afternoon when I had a conversation with Mike about why the cafe wouldn't toss my salad and BAM! Blog-story.

Dumb...but I told myself I'd write about it.  Mission accomplished.

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