Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winter Coat

This isn't about the one hanging in my closet.  I'm wondering if we, as humans, have "winter coats" like other animals.  Both Farrah and I have experienced an excessive amount of "shedding" lately and quite frankly, my vacuum can't keep up.  Thank god we have a lot of hair, some we can spare.  We moved from an area where the climate was at a consistently uncomfortable temperature except for 2 months (maybe 3 if we were lucky) out of the year.    Yes, like normal people I'd comb my hair and expect a strand here and there.  No big deal.  But holy geez!  This is out of freakin' control!!  I've been in 10 degree weather throughout the winter and in some windy and crazy snow storms on this side of the mountains.  Chilly!  Now, it's going to be 90 tomorrow.  I'm hoping desperately that Farrah and I are dropping what I can only imagine that can be a winter coat due to the harsh change in temperatures.  I also hope this stops soon because I'm sick of finding strands in every towel I grab and every pair of socks I own.  They're like magnets.  I have to constantly pull an invisible hair off of my right elbow at least twice a day.  I always get it, but it drives me nuts!  Anyway, weird post, I know, but this hair madness must end soon.

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