Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things Are Happening

Hello out there, world.  Yep, I'm still here.  I'm just living my little life that seems to get bigger and bigger and bigger.  Therefore, the idea of taking some time out for me to type about, well, me...seemed like a silly idea until now.  I'm eating my lunch and choosing to try and enjoy it by NOT reading work emails and going over various tax thingies or employee issues.  I'll be thrilled if I actually finish this entry and publish it.  I still haven't finished my story about my and Mike's wedding!!  Geez, I'll get back to it, I promise. 

So...what's been going on?  Sooooo much!  The gyms are busy and we have a wonderful group of people working there.  And dammit, I will include myself in that group!  We are making moves to make the gyms bigger and better and improved.  It's an exciting, busy, difficult at times, process.  However, when it is all said and done it will be amazing.
And then there's Fuzion.  Oh Em Gee.  Can it get better?  Yes!  And it does pretty much every freakin' day!  Who knew?  We did.  Yay!  We are now officially on  That is not something that is simply handed to you on a silver tray.  It was an incredible opportunity for both businesses and Amazon clearly saw something in us to want us to be a part of what they do, so hurray for the team!!! 

Mike has been working his ass off everyday.  E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.  It has been a challenge to adapt to this new life schedule for me, Farrah, and of course, Mike.  We cross paths as often as we can, but with so many pots on the fire, Mike is stretched pretty thin with his time.  Luckily we have delegated gym things to others, but working with Amazon, the investors, the whole marketing crew, and Airvoice, and on and on and on, it's tough with only 24 hours in a day.  I have to say he's doing a GREAT job and is succeeding everyday.  It's funny because he'll call me with new good news everyday.  How is that possible?  I guess it just is. 

We just got back from the 2010 Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  It was our first program with the new marketing team, DTI.  It's good to know people who know people.  That philosophy got us VERY far while working in Hawaii.  Yes, that's right, we were WORKING.  I can't tell how many people said, "Enjoy yourself while you're there! You guys deserve a break!"  We do deserve a break, but that wasn't breaktime. :)  We got off the plane, got to our rental car, got to the hotel, and went to the DTI room at the hotel and got right to work.  We didn't even go to our room!  Can you imagine how smelly we probably were from sitting cramped in a large airplane for 6 and a half hours?  I can.  Yup.  Gross. 

After we got all of the Fuzion products organized and tasked everything out, we were finally able to go to our room and change.  The people we are working with know several (if not all) of the NFL players.  We met several players while we were there.  I believe we rested for 3 hours while we were there.  And while I technically was taking a break, Mike was not.  He was right by my side, but texting away, checking his emails, and making phone calls.  The little bit of Hawaii we got to see, was beautiful.  People asked if we had a chance to go to the beach and we lied and said we had.  Nope.  We walked on a sidewalk that was near the beach.  I did, however, take time every morning to get up before Mike (which is very unusual) brewed some hotel coffee, went out on our 19th floor balcony, and read my book for a good 30 minutes to an hour.  That was my little R & R that I gave myself.  My little treat to me.

I'm very proud of all that we did and all that we were able to come back with.  How cool is it to say, "Hey you know that guy who did that really nice thing for that kid on TV last week that brought tears to everyone's eyes.  Yeah, he's with us.  He's using our service."  Seriously!!  How freakin' cool?!!  When we came home to being up and running on Amazon, Mike was beside himself.  He said, "Okay, now get ready for a crazy ride! This will be a whirlwind!"  I'm extremely proud of all his hard work because he deserves to succeed.  And he will.

So, this is just the beginning of what has taken a year to put together.  But this will be an awesome beginning to a life that is only imagined.  We will live it...

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