Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Farrah's First Nightmare

This morning, Farrah told me she had a nightmare.  "What was it about?" I asked. Then she continued to explain...

"You had fallen in the toilet.  And I couldn't get you out.  I was scared because I couldn't save you.  Daddy tried to get you out."  "Was the toilet big?"  She whispered, "You were very small and the toilet was very big."

I just asked her, "How did I fall in the toilet?"
Farrah:  "There was so much stuff (whispered)."
Me:  "Like what stuff?  Poop?"
Farrah:  "No!!  So much pee (whispered).  And you fell in."
Me:  "How did I get out?!!"
Farrah:  "Daddy. He saved you. And then you grew and grew and grew."
Me:  "Like Alice in Wonderland?"
Farrah:  "No, like a Mommy."

The End

P.S.  She wanted me to erase this because she never wanted to have this dream ever ever again.  Must have been quite upsetting, but considering I'M the one who was swimming in pee, I should be scared.


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