Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Gotta Critique It

Every time I watch these movies, I tell myself I need to blog about them and what bugs me about them. As I've posted in the past, Farrah demands that we watch the Harry Potter movies...constantly. But the acting! Ugh! It's severe OVER acting. I suppose you can only expect so much from children, but at some point aren't these kids getting acting coaches? Didn't anyone tell them they're terrible? In some cases, I think they lay the British accent on pretty thick. Don't get me wrong, I love the accent. I often talk to Farrah in British Peasant or Witch accent. She seems to enjoy it. Mike has even indicated that I'm quite good at it. I agree. Anyway, the boys aren't as bad in the movies as the girl, Emma Watson. Mind you, I'm not going to be an asshole and say that she's awful in every single movie, but c'mon. It gets to be painful after a while. I suppose I'd feel that way if I watched any movie EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.
So, anyway, Emma always seems to pronounce her lines with more passion than necessary and the words are spoken very harshly. She has a squeaky-pitchy sound in her voice when she's acting mad, or happy, or sad, or any emotion whatsoever. Yes, in the books Hermoine is supposed to be obnoxiously nerdy and a know-it-all, but all I'm catching is she likes to sound upset, no matter what the scene calls for.

Well, this may not have been my best work, but I knew at some point I'd have to complain about this.


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