Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Been a While

Well, it's been quite some time since I picked this thing up. I thought I might do a little journaling. Nothing too special, but enough to catch things up. Jeff just turned 29, Steve is turning 36, and Mike is turning 43. Mom and Dad just celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary with one another this past weekend and that was incredibly special. In a time when it seems like everyone we know is splitting up, there are people out there that still know how to make it work. It's inspiring. Thank you mom and dad, for staying together and showing "through good times and bad" you are still each other's soul mate. It's a wonderful reminder why I wanted to get married from the time I was a little girl. And I'm glad I chose my soul mate to be the one to be my husband. :)

Farrah is performing in her first EVER recital on Sunday. She and 4 other little 3 and 4 year olds are going to be bees up on stage. I had the priveledge to watch her in her dress rehearsal last week. I can hardly wait for everyone to see. She's been going to her classes religiously. She only missed one when she was sick. I will be recording this. And I've got a good feeling it will be post-worthy.

On a gloomy note: There was a massive oil spill out in the Gulf Coast last month (we're inching up on 60 days now). Watching this on the news saddens me so much to the point of tears. I watch BP do nothing to save the Gulf, but everything to save their bank account. I hope to God that I can look back on this entry several years from now and say, "Do you remember that oil company named BP?" I hope that the government puts some SERIOUS pressure on them and soon. I also hope the families that have been affected file civil law suits. I also hope EVERY company that's been affected, fishery, charter company, wildlife preserve, every franchised gas station, and every vet sues them. And you know what else I hope? I hope there's an attorney to represent each and every single species of life that has been effected and sues BP for everything they've got. AND when BP goes to file for bankruptcy, the government says, "TOO EFFIN' BAD!!!" The people who lied, hid the evidence, gave false projections, and who were overseeing the project should spend the rest of their lives in jail.


Okay, I look forward to some better updates soon. And there will be! :)

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