Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's gonna work?

Team work!
I've noticed a disturbing trend in one of Farrah's favorite cartoons.  Child neglect.  Which cartoon?  Wonder Pets.  Pretty much every episode is based on a baby animal of one species or another that is in "twobbow" and it's a dangerous situation.  The Wonder Pets answer their can telephone and find a baby cow stuck up in a tree, a baby platypus clutching to a rock in a river for dear life, a baby duckling that can't fly South and it's starting to snow, and a baby chameleon that can't change its colors to camouflage itself from the soaring hawk that is wanting to grab it for lunch.

Of course, these stories always have a happy ending with the baby animals being saved, but then the REAL ending bothers me.  The story ends with a parent showing up at the end saying, "Oh Wonder Pets, thank you so much.  I was very worried about my baby chameleon".  Really?  Were you?  Because it looked to me like you were busy effing around behind that big rock while some little-kid animals were saving you baby's life!  What were you thinking?!! Your baby camelion was almost eaten by a hawk and you so conveniently decided to show up after someone else did your job for you?!!  Whatever animal parents.  You're all very irresponsible.  If you didn't want your ducklings, baby patypuses, calfs, or chameleon, you should've thought twice before deciding to start a family.

But thanks, Wonder Pets.  YOU'RE doing a great job.

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