Friday, November 14, 2008


Farrah is sick. It started with a nasty cough and waking up in the morning sounding like she had a big wad of pudding stuck in the back of her throat. It has since progressed. Now she has a little fever and is incredibly fussy. BUT, there is a fun side to this! About 15 minutes ago, she farted. She farted really, really loud. And more than once. She could have easily have been confused with her dad, who too, has amazingly loud farts. She farted about 10 times in a row; long and loud. The funny part following the echoing noise from her butt, was that she looked down at her feet and would take a few steps back to see if she had just shit the floor. Every time she farted, she did this. I, too, expected there to be a massive mess to mop up on the floor, but luckily for both of us, no poop escaped her awesome diapers. When I changed her diaper, there was barely anything in there. I hope I have the camera ready for the next fart session so I can record it and embarrass her later in her life (more than I probably am right now). It may not embarrass her though, she could end up being proud.

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