Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Infected in Nasal Canal

About a week ago, Farrah and Mike came down with the flu/cold. I was lucky enough to only catch the cold, though. Lucky. It seemed like everyday at work, people had been asking me if I was still sick. Everyone would comment on how I sounded stuffed up or had a lovely raspy voice. I was constantly asked, "Are you still sick?" Of course, my answer was always no and that my cold was just trying to drain out of my face.

It was, it really was. Unfortunately, I went to bed a couple nights ago and began to wake up every hour in a lot of pain. It felt like I had been punched three times. Once in the right jaw, once in the right cheek bone, and once in the right eye. Sinus infection! I woke up and (here it comes...grossness) blew my nose. Infection confirmed. Green. Reeeeeally green. Not only that, but sooooo much snot. I couldn't stop blowing my nose. There's a lil' added bad news to my lil' infection. I forgot to pay my insurance bill and therefore, do not have insurance. Good news? Found some cephlexin from a past surgery. Self diagnoses + self medication = smart Kathy.

Actually, I will only continue with this for a little bit longer. The pain on the right side creeped its way to the other side of my face. Effin hurts. I might have to buckle down and do the whole walk-in clinic thing. Hopefully, I will just 'will' it away.

Is it good if my teeth hurt?

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