Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Farrah: Part 7

WOW!!! 7 months old. In the last month, you have made some amazing strides. I can hardly keep up with you. This is mainly because you are now officially mobile. And with that being said, my house is not ready for you to be mobile...still. As a matter of fact (and don't judge me), I looked away for a second and when I turned around, you were all wrapped up snuggly-like in the massive chord of your dad's amp for his guitar. It was as if it were a snake and it wrapped itself around you to give you a big boa constrictor hug. Yeeeeah, that's about the time I jumped and grabbed a whole bunch of that "could potentially hurt or mame the baby" stuff out of the main room. It is weird how they say, "Don't take your eyes off your baby for a second." or "Don't ever leave your baby unattended." and you think, yeah, whatever. This is because when you were first born, you didn't do anything, didn't go anywhere, didn't even know what your hands were for, and didn't have enough or any muscle strength to even turn your head all that well. Why on earth would I think you were capable of suddenly learning how to roll, and not only roll, but roll completely off a king size bed when you were put in the middle of it for just a second? Well, ever since you showed a single hint of wanting to even try to roll, I've been overly careful and taking that advice. I don't want to take any chances. Now, while I'm sitting watching a movie, it can literally be 10 seconds that go by and you have now made it clear across the room. The new fear of not being ready is that you have made your way behind the sofa which is right by the stairs leading to the basement. Even as I write this, I have gotten up several times to make sure you are still asleep and still where I left you. Whew!

Your upper body strength is improving a lot. You are holding your body up with your arms and are using those little biceps, triceps, pecs, and traps to pull your body forward as your legs push off allowing you to begin scooting which will ultimately lead to crawling. Mind you, I have seen you lift your butt up and sit on your knees with your hands on the floor already. I know it's just right around the corner and I'm a little freaked out. I have been picking you up and planting your butt on the floor and you have shown that you are ready, not only able to sit on your own, but to play while sitting. You do still fall to the side and sometimes to the back, but you have yet to cry about this. That's because I'm very careful to keep you in an area that is cushy so you don't bump your head. There's plenty of other opportunities to do that. Like the time yesterday when you were under the piano and rolled into one of the legs that had a little corner on it. Very little whining from that bump, though. That's because I'm not raising a whimp. You recieved a big hug and kiss from your mama and took that pain like a champ and moved on for the next rolling adventure. (However, I felt kinda bad that it looked like you got a scratch from the piano. Sorry, honey.)

You are eating solids. Lots of solids. Which we all know what that leads to: Lots more diapers. You seem to really enjoy the mac 'n cheese dinner, the turkey and rice, and the chicken and veggies. For a while, you were only being fed sweet things like fruits, carrots and squash. That's like asking for a problem in the future. I didn't want you to get too used to the "fun" foods without getting some other nutrients in your little body. We are trying the standard feeding of "meal first and desert afterwards". You seem to enjoy that. Wanna know what else you enjoy? Spitting your food out at me. Yay! It's always fun to get mashed up sweet potatos sprayed in my hair, on my face, on my arms & hands, and all over my clothes. Thanks, Farrah. Of course you laugh when this happens because you usually succeed in getting a loud squeal out of me. When you laugh, your mouth is full of whatever I just shoveled in there and your cheeks are a completely different color than the usual porceline white & pink. You are showing your independence by constantly grabbing for the spoon. It's as if you're already saying, "Mom! I can do this by my self! I know how! GEEZE!!!" Well, for your information, I have allowed you to go ahead and try it a few times by yourself, and you do quite well until you don't realize that there is a back to your throat which tends to stop the spoon. You do have quick reflexes though. You have started to figure out that you don't necessarily need to put the spoon in as far as it will go in order to get a little food.

You are still talking a lot. I know I write this in every entry, but it's different. You started off by saying,"Bababamoomoodamamamamama." That's right! There was a "mama" in there. Now you say, "Mamamamamamama" all the time. In fact, today you weren't saying much except for your usual long-winded, "Ahhhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhhh" so your dad was saying" Mama" over and over to you. I was amazed as I watched you lip the word "Mama". You didn't say it, but you were certainly paying attention. You're awesome. Not only do you talk, but you yell, you scream, you grunt and growl. The growling is funny to watch you do and hear you do. You're so aggressive about it.

You have been reaching up for us now. When I walk up to you and put my arms out, you stick your arms up ready to be held. Such a neat thing to feel needed. That's good considering it feels like you may not like us all that much when you constantly and violently try to scratch our skin off our skulls and pinch and pull hard at anything that looks like it might be painful. Although your father and I have worked hard on eliminating the f-bomb from our language (at least at home) you have managed to pull out a few from us when we grab our wound that you inflicted and see blood on our hands. That's right. You've drawn blood from your parents. Real nice.

You are very very busy. We had a crazy hot weekend in Wenatchee last week. I decided to just allow you to hang out in your diaper thinking that might be more comfortable for you. However, you had a better idea. Again, I looked away for literally just a second and the next thing you know, your diaper was in your hands now being used as a toy while the rest of you aired out. Your dad was sitting with you and he completely missed it until I informed him of your nakedness and potental messiness. Paper is now your favorite cheap toy. I just need to be careful not to allow you to give yourself nasty paper cuts.

It's weird. It's like you're a little person. You have such a personality now. Like whenever your Daddy walks in the door, the smile on your face is as if Jesus Christ himself walked in the room. I usually like to say your hero just walked in. Everything and everyone makes you laugh and smile. There's no mistaking you're an amazing human being with incredible potential. It's so exciting to watch the changes you make. It's almost as if it is on a daily basis. It's somewhat overwhelming, but so incredibly awesome at the same time. You have definately brought an amazing joy into our lives and I hope that we bring the same to yours.

I love you Farrah, and am looking forward to what this next month brings.


Mama (you can say it)

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