Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Things (Have I Already Used That Title?)

Besides Mike's bodybuilding competition, other things were going on this weekend. We had several friends and their kids join us at the show. It was awesome having all that support. Unfortunately, both the Zurchers and the Moodys had sickly babies. Tanner more so than Farrah. Farrah was struggling with, yet, another freakin' cold. Tanner was getting over having a double ear infection, a rash, and suddenly was dealing with spiking fevers and puffy swollen red eyes. Poor guy. And through all of that, he was still a perfect gentleman. Farrah just sounded like she was a pig because of all the snot in her nose and like she was gargling when she'd cry because of all the snot in her throat. Ewww. Saturday, after having lunch following the prejudging, we all decided to head back to the hotel and hit the pool. Mike couldn't get in because he still had his tanning color on his skin and had to wait until after the evening show to remove it. He had suggested that I let Farrah go in the pool with me. What?!! She doesn't have a suit. What if she shits in her diaper while in the pool? Is chlorine okay this young? Okay. I stripped her down and was very giddy about doing this with her. Mike was, too. The pool water was cold and I thought for sure she'd freak out the moment her toes hit the water, but no. She just kicked around. I bounced her up and down in the water and had her lie on her back in the water. That wasn't her favorite position, but she loved being dipped (not under water). Afterward, I removed her diaper and wrapped her up in a towel. I joined our friends in the hot tub. I sat on the first step and had her sit on my lap facing everyone. No, she wasn't in the hot water. The steam coming up from the tub into her towel kept her warm. She was completely content this entire time and never once crapped herself or me.

Farrah also got to experience her very first diaper rash. I was sure she'd never get one because Melissa and I are so careful. In fact, she and I had just talked about it on Wednesday how well we've been doing keeping her butt and goods all protected from a nasty rash. We patted ourselves on the back a little too soon. Thursday, when we were at the gym, Farrah pooed a lot and I didn't get to it right away. By right away, I mean within 20 minutes of it happening. I will take the blame for this one and I feel horrible for it. Farrah's poop was suddenly extremely acidic. So acidic, it ate through her skin on her goods and tush. When I went to clean her up, she cried. She never cries. When I saw that, I thought I was going to cry right along side with her. So terrible. It has since cleared up significantly. There is just a little evidence remaining. Cool wash cloths and caked on diaper rash cream helped clear it up in under a week. Yay. Back on Wednesday, Farrah tried cereal for the first time. We taped the whole thing. I'm going to venture out and guess that is why her poop chewed through her skin. A slight change in diet can really affect people sometimes. Ouch.

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Mike Moody said...

Taking Farrah iinto the pool is just one of a zillion "firsts" that I was talking about. Nobody else can ever say they took Farrah swimming first except you. Just save a couple "firsts" for me. Maybe I will teach her how to drive... you crazy!