Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Day

Sunday was Mumsy's Day. It was my first with Farrah and Alex and it was awesome. The stepboys, Nick and Alex, gave me a wonderful card full of touching sentiment, my daughter gave me a card along with a book, and my darling husband gave me a great card along with some cute clothes. Later, we went to brunch. I had spent quite some time pulling that little event together which ended up including 15 of us. By the time we were seated, I was nauseas. 6 of us were crammed in a booth along with the baby, purses, diaper bag, car seat, and gift bags. Barf. My anxiety built up to the point of starvation. I'll have a piece of toast and a glass of water, please. $20? Okay. I felt real bad about that. At brunch, you get charged per head, not the amount of food you eat. Oops. It was great seeing everyone, though. I hadn't seen my parents in 2 months! They hadn't seen their granddaughter in 2 months! I was excited for them to see how much she's changed. I also hadn't seen my brother and sister-in-law in a long time. They just came back from Mexico. Farrah was passed around like a bad cold. Everyone, including complete strangers, wanted to hold her. She was so great. Never fussed. She was just checking everything and everyone out around her. When we got home and it was just me, Mike, and Farrah, it was very relaxing and wonderful. I decided to use the rest of the afternoon cuddling with my little girl. It ended up being a perfect day. Thanks, family.

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