Monday, May 01, 2006

And so it begins...

I am at 6 weeks now and the morning sickness has begun. My "morning" sickness is actually at noon. My new best friends are Tums and Preggie Pops. No barfing yet, but my meal likes to sit on the edge ready to blow at a moments notice. I had to walk, excuse me, run past a platter of grilled burgers yesterday. Holy shit, that is awful stuff! I'm also burping like I've been drinking a lot of Rootbeer and Coke. Yuk.

On another note, Mike and I just returned from Spokane for his second Bodybuilding competition. A lot of the guys he was up against had just competed in the Emerald Cup. As Mike's coach said, it was like College Football against the NFL. He looked great and was definitely holding his own. There were 11 competitors in his division! He was disappointed that he didn't place, but I thought he did an awesome job against guys that have been doing this for 6-7 years vs his 1 year experience. We learned quite a bit from watching and are making some changes for his next competition. The bad news was that he was only 4 pounds away from competing in the Middle Weight category and could have very likely placed second, third at the worst (and that had 4 competitors). He's going to shoot for Middle Weight for the next time. I was and am very proud of him and look forward to the next competition.

We saw our house in East Wenatchee and LOVE it! The colors are awesome and everything is coming together beautifully. All the plumbing and fixtures were put up over the weekend. Everything is set to close by May 15th. We can hardly wait.

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