Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Emma and Stuff

Saturday morning, Mike and I had to put Emma down. She was old and miserable. She hadn't really been the same since we put Jackson down. It was sad but very necessary. She was gone the moment the needle hit her. I've been taking Titan to work with me daily and he comes in more often and sleeps with us. I'm trying to keep his mind off of the fact that she isn't around by keeping him busy. It's also been very good for him in terms of knowing his boundaries around the house and how to listen better. It was sad, but everyone feels very good about it.

On another note (not as depressing...sorry), I had my first doctor's appointment for the baby. Mike came along and we sat there a while. Although Evie already helped me calculated my due date, the doctor was able to confirm it. Our baby will be due December 21st. Just in time for a tax break! I had what seemed like a hundred questions for her. The most important one was who I should choose as my doctor for my Cha Cha. I want to be sure to have someone with a sense of humor, but still have good bedside manners. I do not like doctors that are overly technical. Okay, I get it. You went to school for a long, long time and know very big words. That won't help me. In any case, jot it down on your calendars. I haven't yet, but I'm sure I will.

Right now, our baby looks like a cashew nut. Delicious.

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