Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I found this little treasure today.  I don't know what compelled me to NEED to take a picture of it, but I did.  All that came to mind were the numerous captions that could go along with this.  Right off the bat, I was thinking "this is a perfectly fine binky, what the hell? Why leave it behind?"  Or you know how sometimes babies drop their binkies and mommies pick them up, suck on them to "clean them up" and put it back in their baby's mouth? Where was the mom on this one?  WTF?  Someone dropped the ball as a mother on this little task.
OR, someone gets the Mother Of The Year award if they do clean that thing up thoroughly and has the thought, "Yep, good enough for Jr."  OR Worst Mother Of The Year award if this is just given back to the baby.  I think that's what kept going through my mind that made me laugh so hard at this.  I actually pictured in my mind a mom just picking it up and handing it over to her baby without even thinking about it except to keep the baby quiet.  You know, sometimes we moms get tired and a little retarded at times.  Some worse than others.  This was a worse case scenario.  I'm probably not doing it any justice, but if anyone wants to come up with their own caption, they're welcome to it.  I'll be working on some real ones and post them somewhere on the world wide web, I'm sure. ; )  It's lying down on a dead leaf and next to leaked car oil.  Or is that a fish tail?

What if this JUST popped out of a babies mouth?!!  That's what this baby's binkies ALL look like!! Gross.  And yet, to me...awesome.

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