Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding March 3

No, I didn't forget to continue. I got busy. But I'm still working on putting this whole story together.

So, to continue...

Those who know us, know that Mike and I aren't super serious people when it comes to most things. We're pretty laid back and go-with-the-flow types. So when it was time to start picking out music, decorations, invitations, etc, I did so by keeping it light. I always knew that whenever I got married and whoever I married, we'd have certain music playing. I'd have to have Claire d'lune and Moonlight Sonata playing for sure. Those were my two favorite piano pieces I played while growing up (over and over and over because I never truly learned the endings). Also, I had to have a certain Lorena McKennit song playing because it was one of the most romantic songs I'd ever heard and I heard it back when I was a teenager. Since Mike wasn't pushing too much with involvement, the music was MINE. Those songs were going to be my "everybody take a seat" songs. Of course, our song to walk down the aisle was Canon in D. I cried every time I heard that song when it was in the scene from "Father of the Bride", so after I saw that movie 100 times, the choice had been made. But, being the good girlfriend/fiance/wife that I am, I knew we couldn't pull it all off with silly serious music. We planned to walk back down as Husband and Wife to the opening theme song of "Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me". From the moment it was decided, we knew it was rad.

Mike and I had a moment driving in his truck and we were listening to some classic rock and a lil' Bon Jovi came on. They were playing "Bad Medicine". You know the song, "Your love is like BAD MEDICINE, bad medicine is what I need. Whoa, shake it up just like BAD MEDICINE, there ain't no doctor who can cure my disease." I mentioned to Mike, "Oh my god, wouldn't this song be hilarious to walk into the reception hall with this playing as we're announced as the new Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moody?!! We were laughing...but I was serious. And then it, too, was decided.

I spent a whole evening at my brother, Steve's house while he went over his entire music library. I was still listening to cassette tapes from the 90s in my Acura Vigor so my music selection was poop. I took down as many songs as I could think of that would be appropriate for a wedding and for dancing to. However, I started picking songs I thought were beautiful but later realized they were break up songs. Those wouldn't be needed. I also made sure I had my radio on in my car to hear whatever was new and old playing that I might like and always had some sort of scratch paper around to write down the title and artist if I could figure it out.

I ended up getting in touch with a Dj online (this was when the internet existed and had some decent websites, but mostly, people didn't know what the hell they were doing). My DJ was patient and cool, and most He was so great, he offered to do the music for the ceremony and for the reception and for the dance. I think it was about $350. Again, savings were important to me. He planned to bring two sets of equipment; one for outside and one for the reception hall. At the time Nora Jones was beginning to be popular and he hadn't heard of her. That was the only thing that made me leery of him. However, he purchased the Austin Powers soundtrack JUST FOR OUR WEDDING, so I bought him the Nora Jones CD and got him up with the current times.

On my lunch breaks, I would type out any and every single song that meant something to me, to Mike, to both of us, and to others, daily. Sometimes, I'd stay late after work typing out a menu of music and at times putting together an itinerary for when each and every song should be played. Crazy and controlling? Yep.

Okay, so that is the music portion and I'll continue with more soon. Tired...

Okay so that was the music find.

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