Sunday, July 19, 2009

Days Like Today

Sometimes there are days like today that melt my heart and warm my soul. Today was Oliver's 3rd Birthday Party. Farrah and Oliver played very well with one another as well as with Raven. They all had so much fun. I watched in awe as my little girl interacted with her cousin and new friend, Aunts and Uncles, her brother, grandparents, and of course Mommy and Daddy. This was one of those days that every chance I got I would steal a hug, a kiss, and tickle torture moments. I could have eaten her up! Any time I could just sit there and watch her, I would. When we got home tonight, I walked in her room on 4 different occasions to watch her sleep. I had to hold myself back from picking her up and just holding her. It's days like today that I feel so lucky to have Farrah as my daughter. My heart feels like it is swollen with so much love. Life is pretty good.

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