Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make Way For Noddy

Have any of you seen this cartoon? Noddy. Farrah is a huge fan. Every night I have to set it up for her to watch in order for her to relax for bed. That's our routine. Well, lately I've decided there's something not quite right with this cartoon. There's always a lesson to be learned as there is with pretty much every cartoon, but I seem to always be waiting for a different ending. Here's why: there are 2 goblins on the show. They're total douche bags. They steal shit and irritate the hell out of everyone in Toyland, but no one does a damn thing about it. What the eff?!! If I lived there, I would have hired a hit man by now to take them out. There's also a female monkey who wears overalls. She's a complete bitch. She walks around with a frown on her face and she criticizes everyone in town. Why? Who does she think she is? They actually had an episode about her trying to make friends, but everyone said they were already her friend. Liars. All of them. They're clearly just saying that so she'll leave them alone. She's horrible. Then there's the police officer. He's incredibly arrogant and has some weird superiority complex where he feels the need to boss everyone around, however this guy can't even put those asshole goblins in the town jail for more than 5 minutes! Are you kidding me??? Who gave this guy a job?!! At the end of each episode, I'm seriously expecting someone to stick up for themselves and the people in town by confronting these jerks. I think that would be a great episode. Everyone in town (including Noddy) should come after the goblins, the monkey, and the police officer with pitch forks and torches and kick them out of Toyland once and for all. Enough is enough, I say!

But why do we watch Noddy? Because Noddy is a good boy. He's sweet and kind and really is friends with everyone in town. Farrah and I sing along with the opening theme song too. In fact, we're watching it right now.

Don't worry. I don't discuss my issues with the other characters with Farrah. That would be rude.

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