Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I am writing this from my phone in bed, so bear with me (or is it bare with me? You choose). This is a story I could not pass up to share with the World Wide Web, no matter how wrong it may be.

For about a month, our gym's daycare has been without cable, let alone a working DVD player. Mike and I have shopped around looking for reasonably prices DVD players all over town. Luckily, we happened to find one stored away in our house. It's a little older, but in perfect working condition. Yay for free! I took it to the daycare and the gal working knew how to hook up electronic stuff so I let her loose. I had been on the phone when she walked up to my desk when her shift was up and it was time for her to head home. I was talking to our payroll company. When she came up to my desk she placed something on it, smiled, said, "this was in the DVD player," smiled again and walked off. I was still talking to payroll when I waved good bye and then I looked down. My stomach dropped to my toes. I could no longer hear a thing the person on the other end of the phone was saying because I was laughing so hard. I quickly wrapped up my conversation, hung up, and did my notorius scream-laugh.

We had left raunchy porno in our DVD player. When she hooked it up, the menu screen came up and the remote was fumbled with until the program had been turned off. Luckily only two kids were there, one of which was mine. This was a proud and somewhat embarrassing moment. I've told everyone. It's too effin funny not to. The good news???: we weren't on the film.

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