Thursday, October 16, 2014

Famous Last Words...

What is the age that forgetfulness kicks in?  I suppose it's fair to say we would all assume it hits us in the golden years of our life.  That's the time when we've lived out some of the best times and the worst times and built memories on top of memories that, unfortunately, wind up getting shuffled around in our minds until bits and pieces get lost and closed up in a little hiding spot either temporarily or forever. 

So, what's the excuse for a 7 year old?

For the past couple months, I've wondered if I need to take Farrah in to see a specialist about a possible early onset of Alzheimer's.  The reason?  Her answer to everything is, "I forgot."  I believe I hear her say this at least 3 times a day, every day. 

Me:  Did you brush your hair this morning?
Farrah:  I forgot.
Me:  Did you grab your shoes for P.E.?
Farrah:  I forgot.
Me:  Did you eat your breakfast?
Farrah:  I forgot.

Do you see the pattern?  Yeah, pretty predictable at this point. 

Dealing with this on a daily basis is starting to drive me bananas and I've now started to call her "Forgetful Farrah" which she HATES!  However, it's been explained to her that I will changed her name if she changes her ways, until then...the name stays.

There was one thing she forgot that sent me over the edge of reasonability.  Her routine in the morning is pretty basic:  Brush teeth, shower, get dressed, make bed, feed the dog, pull together school work and backpack, put together a lunch (I make the sandwich if she can't). 
So, I asked her all the questions confirming that she had completed all of these tasks and I received a proud, "YES!" from her.
Off to school we went.
When we arrived, I was helping her grab her things and when I grabbed her lunch box (which she almost forgot), the weight of it was significantly lighter than I'd expected.
Me:  Ummmm...why is this so light?  You said you packed a lunch!
Farrah:  I did!

I opened it.

Farrah:  Ham.
Me:  Where's the rest of your lunch?!
Farrah:  I wasn't very hungry and I forgot to add anything.  But, mom, there's three slices!!
Me:  Are you kidding me??  Do you know how horrible this is?  Not only are you going to starve, but you will have succeeded in making me look like the worst mother in the world.  Grrrrrreat.

With steam coming out of my ears and fire shooting out of my eyeballs, I sent my forgetful child off to school telling her to inform her teacher that SHE packed her own lunch and I was now heading to the store to pick her up something so she wouldn't die.  Before she got too far away from my car, I'd asked her a question...
Me:  Hey, did you eat the granola bar this morning for breakfast?
Farrah:  No...I forgot.


And when we got home later that day, and I asked her to empty any trash from her lunch box and asked if she had anything left over she said she did.  Ham.  I had to ask her why after the big fiasco over her weird lunch, she didn't eat her ham...

Farrah:  I forgot.

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