Monday, March 10, 2014


It has been brought to my attention that it has been quite some time since I've written something here, and for that, I apologize.  It's not that funny, interesting, or even horrible things haven't happened, it's just that I am super busy.  The moment I want to write about something, another task whispers in my ear that it needs attention and I then forget my poor blog.  Well, I have forced myself to make time for this and I have a little story I can share...

A few weeks ago, one of the gals in the office had ordered some KFC chicken strips for lunch and ended up with far too many for one person.  She invited Rebecca and I to help ourselves to some before we took off for the gym.  We had a couple, said our thanks, grabbed our stuff, and went to the gym for a hard work out.
When we came back to the office, we could still smell the chicken in the air and we were both starving.  After a tough work out, it is not uncommon to be very hungry.  We inhaled the aroma and we were both salivating.  I remember even singing the classic KFC song, "We do chicken right!" as we walked in.  Rebecca and I were expressing to our co-worker how good it smelled and how hungry we were.  We even commented that the entire office smelled so yummy.
However...for some reason, she just looked at us funny.  She even looked...disturbed, until she finally said, "Well it's interesting that you two think it smells so good because about ten minutes ago, a client brought his dog in and he took a huge shit over there." She pointed to an open area at the floor.
While laughing, I had to ask myself, what the hell was wrong with me.  Jeez, what was wrong with BOTH me and Rebecca?  Why did we come in, smell dog shit, and instantly get super hungry and want chicken?  All I could picture when I walked in was a delicious chicken-pot-pie.  Yummmm.  Only, apparently, my chicken-pot-pie would have dog shit in it.  After we'd settled back into our seats, and the office was back to it's very quiet self, I replayed the whole scene in my head:
Opened door, sniffed, drooled, sang a little ditty about chicken, praised our co-worker for bringing in some great food, discovered I was starving for poop.
In the silent office, I belted out the biggest laugh and couldn't stop laughing.  I was hungry for poop.  What??

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