Sunday, September 29, 2013

Real Friendships

I've been reflecting on some incidents in my life lately when it has come to friendships I have.  I will change some verbiage to protect people, but here are a few examples of truly good friends...

"Oh, her?  Haha...don't worry about EVER seeing her here ever.  I took care of that and it should never be an issue.  I did that a while ago because I can't stand her and didn't want you to have to worry about seeing her, either."

"Yo, Kath.  I don't like how that person is affecting your life.  You know I know people, right?  I can take care of it.  I can make that person go away, you just say the word.  All it'll take is a phone call and it's no longer a problem."

"Oh my god, you did what?!! LMAO! No, I won't judge you, I love you!"

"If that person ever hurts you, I don't mind driving the 3 hours and hurting them."

"I'm giving people nicknames that I can't stand on your behalf... like Head-Fuck-****, or ****y."

Thank you to my friends who've shown me, in some cases, "unique" ways of expressing awesome support and friendship.  I heart my friends.

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