Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Old Story

I just remembered an old story from back when I was just out of high school.  In fact, I may have still been in high school, but don't judge my poor behavior.  I'm telling this story because I was reminded of it today and thought I should write about it so that I never forget it.  Because it's that good (to me).

One night, some of my girlfriends Jen, Becky, Amy, Suzie, Mariah, and I had gone out to a Denny's after some teenage drinking.  Yes, I know, bad, bad, bad.  But this is old news.  One of us was sober because we were at least smart enough to designate someone to not be retarded, it just so happens that this night it was not me.  Becky and I were usually the good girls, but this night we were tipsy.  I, in fact, was pretty lit.  The typical hang out to go to when wasted was Denny's.  We were seated and we noticed some older guys (older, like they were probably 21 or 22) watching us.  Becky and I decided to be brave and invite ourselves to sit with them and start to flirt and shoot the shit with them.

However, she and I had a plan up our sleeves.  We positioned ourselves so our girlfriends could watch what we were doing.  When Becky would start talking to them and their attention would be on her, I would grab one of their cheeseburgers and take the biggest bite I could fit in my mouth.  (I'm scream laughing as I type this).  Then when she was done talking, I would begin jumping into the conversation and have their full attention while Becky grabbed a handful of french fries and stuffed her face.  This went on and on and every once in a while the guys would glance at us while we ate their dinner, but never say a thing!  By the time we were done with our flirting, we had basically finished their meal.  We were dying we were laughing so hard.  These poor guys were so polite they never said anything to us and our hobo ways.

Looking back, we were such assholes for doing that, but I have no regrets because it was one of those times in my life where the scream laughter was never ending to the point that my stomach and face hurt and I was crying from laughing so hard.  Even now, I can laugh hard at this story.  It's one of my favorite "being bad" stories.

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